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Frequent Questions

Q. What kind of files can I back up?

A. You can backup any type of file that is stored on your machine or network. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc... It doesn't matter.

Q. Why are remote backups considered the better way to back up data?

A. Experts agree that remote backup is a reliable cost-effective solution to the cumbersome task of performing regular backups. No more worrying about broken tape drives, tapes that won't load or waiting for long backups to complete. No more searching for lost media or wasting hours simply trying to recover a single lost file.

Overall, it's less expensive and more reliable to use remote backup to secure your critical data - especially when you consider the cost of the time spent each day performing this routine task. Encrypted copies of critical data are securely maintained on a remote online server, available for instant recovery in case of an emergency.

Just as tapes replaced LP's, CD's replaced tapes, and now MP3's have replaced the CDs, backup technology has evolved to create more efficient solutions for your business.

Q. How do I know the data is secure? Can people see my files?

A. NO! Even Elogix cannot access or view your data. This is why it is CRUCIAL to keep your encryption key safe. If it is lost, we cannot look it up for you. Each of your files that are included in the backup are encrypted with 128bit RSA encryption code before it ever leaves your computer to be transferred over the internet. The data remains encrypted while stored on the Elogix Servers. Upon need to restore files, the data is retrieved from the Eloix Servers, and the data is not decrypted until it reaches the key on your computer.

Q. How can I tell if the backup is working?

A. Everyday you will receive an email report on each backup set that you have created that shows you what files have been successfully backed up, if they have failed or if you have missed backups altogether. Unlike other backup choices, you know for sure that status of your backup and don't have to guess if your data is really protected.

Q. Why is Elogix better than companies that provide unlimited space for free?

A. Nothing in life is free. Some things are advertised as free or cheap. This is a strange paradox considering that advertising is not free. If someone advertises free services they are paying for the advertisements with the aim of making a profit. Here is how it commonly works with online backup. A provider advertises free or cheap online backup. New subscribers receive a service which has some or all of the following limitations. Advertising screens in the software or their browser; poor, limited or email only support; nominal space requiring an “upgrade” to a paid account just when you have built up a big enough archive to negate the possibility of easily moving to a proper commercial grade option for the same price. If you intend to make use of online backup, the general rule of thumb applies well here. You get what you pay for. But if it is important to know for SURE that your data is safe, secure and accessible when you will need it, go with Elogix backup.

Q. Do I need to backup my whole hard drive?

A. A common misconception for new remote backup users,is that they must make an initial full-disk backup before starting your daily backups. While some providers require this, such an unnecessary backup can easily add up to many GB's of data, mostly files that are part of the operating system or installed applications. These files are not typically backed up as they can be re-installed from the original CDs if needed. Backing them up uses unnecessary bandwidth, and an extraordinary amount of storage space which in turn costs you more money.

See “System State” backups on how to backup and restore your system to the last system state.

Q. Do I need to leave my computer running?

A. If you are backing up a centralized server it is recommended to keep this machine running. If you are using a laptop or a pc that is not always connected to the internet you can setup an off-line backup that will backup the data once your machine is turned on and connected to the internet.

You can also cutomize your backup times to run at times that are most convenient. If you need to shut down your computers, you can setup your backup schedule accordingly.

Q. What if my computer has been stolen? Can I restore to a new computer or laptop?

A. Absolutely, you would need to download the client software to your new computer and login to your account to restore your backed up data. Again, this is where your encryption key comes in. Only you can access your data, even on the new machine, as you are the only one with access to the key to decrypt your data.

Q. How many files can I back up?

A. There is no real limit on how many files you can backup. Your only limitation is how many files you can store in one folder or hard drive partition. This limitation is controlled by your particular operating system

Q. Can I back up more than 1 computer?

A. Yes, your only limit is that you can’t have more then one computer with the same name under your Elogix backup account.

Q. How long will it take to run backup?

A. This will depend on three variables:
1) How many files you have selected to backup
2) How many files have changed since your last backup
3) Your internet connection speed. Generally your backup length can vary from 5 min to several hours.

Q. How long will it take to restore?

A. Your restore length can also vary from 5 min to several hours depending on how much data you are restoring and the internet connection speed.

If your situation requires a very large data restoratioin, we offer delivery service of your backed up data via external hard drive.

If you are in the local Phoenix area, your remote backup data can be picked up or delivered. If you are outside of the Phoenix, AZ area, it can be sent overnight air.

Q. Can I choose when to run the backup?

A. Yes, you can setup daily for our Lite accounts at anytime or with the Pro version you can setup multiple schedules down to the min, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It's your choice.

Q. What type of internet connection do I need?

A. The minimum will be a standard 56K dial-up and above, but if you change a lot of data daily a dial-up connection may take very long time to complete, and a DSL or higher may be required. Call us at 1-877-242-1676 if you need more individualized information.

Q. What if we already have a tape backup system in place?

A. You can continue to use both if you decided too. You will have to change the tape backup to do a file copy so it does not modify the files attributes or modify date/time when the tape backup runs.

Q. What happens if my data is over my account setting?

A. When your account storage reaches 95% full you will receive via email. If your account reaches the 95% you can contact support to increase your storage limit. See detailed instructions on how to do this online here.

More advanced technical information can be found in our knowledge base.